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Top Things to do in Waikiki Beach

For centuries, Waikiki has been a famous holiday destination. It’s famous for its white sandy beach and continues to be a firm favourite of surfing enthusiasts and travellers. Waikiki has so much to offer. Let’s take a look at the top things to do here.

Enjoy the glorious sunshine on the beach

Without a doubt, the most popular thing to do in Waikiki is to spend time on its spectacular beach. It is a world-famous, white sandy beach that stretches for two miles. There are lots of amazing places to soak up the sun as well as places where you can cool off in the surf or enjoy a stunning sunset. 

The scenery is outstanding with the wonderous Diamond Head crater that looms in the background. When you have had enough sun, Waikiki’s nightlife is right there just a few steps inland.

Explore Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a defining feature of Waikiki and is actually part of a dormant volcano. It doesn’t take very long to walk to the top. In fact, it only takes around three-quarters of an hour. The walk itself isn’t too demanding but it is steep and has an elevation gain of around 560 feet. When you reach the summit’s observation platform, you’ll appreciate how worth it the climb is. From Diamond Head, you get panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Waikiki and they’re truly unforgettable.

Take in the USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona Memorial is a structure of 184 feet in length that commemorates the people who were killed on December 7, 1941, in the attack on Pearl Harbor. This memorial was built in 1964 and it crosses a sunken battleship. There is also a wall of marble that bears the names of the marines and sailors who were killed – all 1,177 of them.

Visit a Residence for Royals

The Iolani Palace was built in 1882 and was the monarchy’s official residence. Nowadays, you can experience the property’s grandeur owing to the extensive restoration work. The aptly-named Throne Room was the entertainment room for King Kalakaua to entertain his guests. The second floor housed the private suites of the royal family. 

Surf the waves of Waikiki

Since the 19th century, Waikiki’s waters have been a playground for all sea-lovers. The beach was a location of leisure for the Hawaiian royal family who would use longboards on the waves. Waikiki beach is an ideal place to learn how to surf because the waves are gentle, smooth and long. There are many places offering beginner lessons too or you could try kayaking or jet skiing.

For animal lovers

If you love wildlife, Honolulu Zoo sits between Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach. It is home to over 900 animals over 42 acres including Komodo dragons, tortoises, turtles and giraffes. The zoo also has lovely gardens that have many indigenous flowers and plants. 

The heart of Waikiki

Named after the former king, Kalakaua Avenue is a bustling centre where you’ll find Waikiki’s most prominent restaurants, shops and hotels. You’ll be able to source specialities of Hawaii including Kona coffee, fruit preserves and macadamia nuts here. 

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