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Preparing for Family Day Trips

Enjoying your time together as a family is always special, even if it is for just a day trip. Rounding up all of your family members can sometimes feel like a struggle, but if you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make the most out of your day. 

  • If you’re going somewhere like a museum or theme park, see if you can book online

Nowadays, most places that require tickets for entry will allow you to purchase them online. This saves you precious time on your day out, as pre-bought tickets are often much faster and easier to redeem than waiting in line to buy them on-site. Planning ahead and pre-purchasing tickets mean that you and your family have longer to enjoy the attraction, and children don’t get restless and grumpy waiting in queues.

In some cases, booking online can also save you money. Many places offer discounts or specials if you book in advance, instead of on the day. If you’re on a tight budget, this can be a great time and money saver. 

  • Know your route

If you are traveling somewhere new, it’s always a good idea to know exactly where you’re going. Plan ahead by consulting a map or preprogramming your GPS so that on the day you know exactly how long it will take, and the best route. If it’s a long drive, you might also want to figure out the best places to take bathroom breaks, especially if you have little children with you. 

  • Sometimes, the best plan is no plan

When planning family day trips, one of the biggest mistakes that people can make is being too overly optimistic about what you can achieve. Your ideal day might include a wide range of activities that everyone can enjoy, but more often than not, reality gets in the way of these grand plans. You might be a little late getting started with your day, a toddler might get cranky and need an extra break, or a grandparent might need to sit down for a rest. The result can leave you feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. It’s better to under plan and enjoy everything you have time to see and do, rather than to rush through multiple activities and sights without getting the time to really experience them. 

  • Prepare for all weather conditions

Nobody wants to feel cold, wet, or sunburnt on a day out, especially not young children or elderly grandparents. If there’s any chance of rain, don’t forget raincoats or umbrellas. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat in case a cloudy day turns sunny. Bring jumpers and jackets in case it gets cold and windy. You might end up leaving everything in the car and not using it, but it’s always good to have, just in case. 

  • Don’t forget water and snacks

Keep everyone happy and hydrated with water and snacks from home. You never know what’s going to be available at your destination, and it can be disastrous getting somewhere only to find out they don’t have food or drinks for your children (this is especially important if a family member has food allergies). Packing your own snacks means that everyone is happy no matter what, plus it also helps to save money, keeping you in your budget. 

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