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Charter a Yacht for your Next Italian Getaway

Chartering a yacht in Italy is the perfect way to see more of the Italian coast in one vacation than you ever thought possible. Spend your days sunning on the decks as your yacht sails from destination to destination, ready to dock at an exciting new city. 

Sicily is a must-see location if you have a yacht. This island is just off the coast of Italy, and it’s often referred to as “God’s Kitchen”. It is rich, fertile land that provides fresh ingredients for a range of mouthwatering dishes. The island has created its own diverse food culture that borrows from Spanish, Greek, Moroccan, even German cuisines, to create unique tastes that simply explode with flavor. Once you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal at a local cafe or restaurant, relax on one of the warm, sunny beaches before you head back onto your yacht. 

Near to Sicily, you can island-hop around the Aeolian Islands, also known as the Lipari Group. These seven landmasses were created by volcanoes, and are all UNESCO protected. These islands are not as popular with tourists as nearby Siciliy, and this gives you a chance to experience the real Italy, from the perspective of a local. Sail among the islands while you enjoy the slow, relaxed pace of life, or hire a guide to take you to the volcanic craters of Vulcano or Stromboli. 

If you love seafood, then make sure to stop in the coastal town of Portofino. This was once a humble fisherman’s village that has become one of the most stunning tourist locations in Italy. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the beautiful delicacies that are prepared fresh every day with local catches. The city also has an amazing history, so you can spend your day browsing through the museums and art galleries while you’re there, learning more about the amazing culture that has grown from here. 

The Amalfi coast is perhaps one of the most well-known stretches of Italian shoreline, home to many picturesque towns and beaches. Brightly colored buildings stand proud on the vast mountains that hug the 50-km shoreline, welcoming visitors all year long. Positano is the perfect place to dock your yacht if you want to indulge in some fine retail therapy. This village is one of the best well-known locations along the Amalfi coast, and it provides the perfect opportunity for hiking up into the nearby mountains for beautiful views. 

Chartering a yacht for your next vacation gives you the control to decide where you go, and when. Dock the yacht for as long as you want, so you can see all of the sites that the stunning coastal cities have to offer. Then when you’re ready, hop back aboard and cruise to the next location. Don’t feel comfortable controlling the yacht yourself? Don’t worry. Almost all chartered yacht companies offer skippers and a full crew if you want them so you can just relax, knowing that everything is being taken care of by professionals. 

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