Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers and release date: Shikamaru becoming Hokage

After a three-month break, the latest scoop on Boruto chapter 81 has finally surfaced, marking the manga’s much-anticipated return. However, this time around, there’s a twist. Following the highly awaited time jump in the storyline, the series has been officially rebranded as “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex.” Fans have been buzzing with curiosity since the character designs for Sarada and Boruto, the central duo of the manga, were unveiled alongside this time shift. However, I won’t delve into the specifics of these character changes within this piece. For those eager to uncover more about these exciting revelations, I encourage you to read on.

Boruto Chapter 81

Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers and release date

The narrative has now progressed into its time-skipped phase with the emergence of spoilers for Boruto chapter 81. Regrettably, Sasuke won’t make an appearance in the upcoming chapter, much to the disappointment of fans who were eagerly awaiting the return of Boruto and Sasuke. Nonetheless, the leaks did offer some insight into what will unfold immediately after the time jump and the events that transpired during the intervening period. Notably, Shikamaru Nara has taken up the mantle of the Eighth Hokage, succeeding Naruto Uzumaki after the presumed “passing” of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto. The initial scene in Boruto chapter 81, titled “Boruto,” unfolds within the Hokage’s office and features a seemingly disgruntled Sarada Uchiha.

In this scene, Sarada and Shikamaru engage in a heated exchange, with Shikamaru adorned in the Hokage’s robe. At the conclusion of Boruto Part 1, Kawaki cunningly deceived everyone into believing that Boruto had killed the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. In truth, Kawaki had imprisoned Naruto and Hinata in an alternate dimension. It is conceivable that Shikamaru Nara has assumed the role of Hokage on a temporary basis due to the pressing needs of the Hidden Leaf Village. However, given the general belief in Naruto’s demise, such a move would appear absurd. Thus, there seems to be no logical reason for anyone to accept a transient leadership position.

The manga’s spoilers depict Sarada Uchiha engaging in a debate with Shikamaru concerning Boruto’s culpability. Eida managed to present some tangible evidence, causing Sarada’s persuasion attempts to falter. Shikamaru voiced apprehensions about Sarada’s safety as a Shinobi, to which she retorted that her role model is the Seventh Hokage, not herself. Although Sarada typically referred to Naruto by his title, the emphasis she placed on it might indicate that Shikamaru has assumed the role of the Eighth Hokage. Moreover, the manga unveiled a handful of character designs while subtly hinting at the activities of certain characters during the time leap. Sumire is showcased in her new attire, sporting a dress layered over a shirt and tie.

Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers and release date

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